I am an assistant professor of philosophy at Boston College. This site contains information about my writing and teaching, including some of my published essays, works-in-progress, and syllabi from courses that I’ve taught.

I typically teach a year-long course in ethics and social philosophy for the PULSE program at BC. This semester (autumn 2014), I am teaching two upper-level undergraduate courses: 1) The Virtue of Justice, which looks at justice in Aristotle and St. Thomas, and 2) The State of Nature and the Nature of the State, which explores the various ways that conceptions of nature have figured into accounts of political community and political authority.

Before coming to Boston College, I worked for a year at the Asian University for Women, in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Before that, I was a graduate student in the department of philosophy at the University of Chicago, where I completed my PhD in June 2011. My dissertation defends an Aristotelian “natural goodness” view in moral philosophy. Such a view holds that moral goodness is the goodness proper to our human nature, analogous to species-specific forms of goodness in plants and non-human animals. Much of my academic writing aims to develop this Aristotelian approach – to defend it against critics, and to extend it into new areas.

My writing mostly focuses on contemporary debates that have deep historical roots. But I also enjoy working directly on historical texts, especially in ancient Greek philosophy. I have published a paper on Plato’s Sophist, and another paper on the Crito is in progress.

You can see some photos of mine here.

The turtle was photographed by a friend. You can see more of her photos here.


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